The city of Cork is one of the well-known areas in Ireland. It is fairly large with 119,230 residents(approximately). According to a recent age dependency ratio, more than 50% of the Irish population falls under the dependent category. The age structure further clarifies the dependency statistics in Ireland:

  • 21.4% of the population are between 0 and 14 years
  • 11.9% of the population are between 15 and 24 years
  • 44.1% of the population are between 25 and 54 years
  • 10.1% of the population are between 55 and 64 years
  • 12.4% of the population are above 65 years


It is clear from the aforementioned data that a significant percentage of the Irish population including the residents of Cork, are in need of care and attention. This group of dependent people may be in search of treatment for post operative care, dementia care, physiotherapy, respite care, etc. The Average Monthly Search by Google reveals that 2,161 out of 20,540 searchers for dementia care in Ireland are from the city of Cork. To fulfill the requirement for professional care in Cork, we offer quality caregiver service in various categories.

Professional with a Personal Touch: – How We Help?

Taking into consideration the plight of the elderly, we came up with the idea of providing professional care-giving service. Our home-care giving service is supported by highly qualified nursing assistants. These care assistants are on duty round the clock to ensure that all the needs of the person under their supervision are fulfilled. We ensure that the person in need of care, is not only given medical assistance but also a warm, loving ambiance.

Facilities Associated with Care giving in Cork:

  • An efficient Nurse Call System is available 24*7
  • The rooms have telephone, color television and en-suite facilities provisions
  • Separate lounge areas cater to the different moods of the patients
  • Holy Communion on Sundays and Midweek Mass are ensured. Various other activities like outings are also tailored to meet recreational needs
  • Friends and relatives can visit any part of the day
  • Residents can either refer to their own General Practitioner or opt for registering with one of the Doctors who visits the Home on a regular basis
  • We serve healthy food prepared in our kitchen. Traditional, cultural and medical diets are served, depending on the preference of the resident

Services We Offer:

Our personalized care giving services include:

  • Dementia care , Convalescent care , Respite care
  • Dementia care , Convalescent care , Respite care
  • Dementia care , Convalescent care , Respite care
  • Dementia care , Convalescent care , Respite care
  • In House Laundry, Hairdresser
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