Physiotherapy Cork

Physiotherapy is means of healing pain of the muscles, bones and nerves through exercise and massage techniques. It is also helpful if speeding up the process of healing of major diseases which cause pain or post-operative stages. Arthritis is one of the most significant diseases which can be kept under control with the help of physiotherapy. At Kilcara House Nursing Home, we understand that patients who come with differing pains and symptoms are in need of different healing through physiotherapy – the same kind of treatment or exercise is not suitable for all of them. This is why we have developed a separate section of physiotherapy where our experts are at work.

The experts working at Kilcara House Nursing Home’s physiotherapy section come with an experience of at least 5 years of working in this field. We are also registered with Health and Safety Executive (HSE), thus ensuring complete safety for you and your loved ones. All the services offered by us are professional, yet none of our staff or experts is cold or aloof. We believe in friendly treatment with the patient so that he or she enjoys the treatment and is able to recover even faster. Our aim remains to help you cope with the pain and win over it in the long run. The pains you experience might be owing to muscle tensions, sprains, muscle pulls, nerve issues, bone problems or simply post-operative pain. We carefully examine the case of every patient who comes to us and only then do we suggest a treatment.

Apart from reducing or healing your pain, our expert hands actually help you to recover from conditions such as sprains and fractures much faster and easier. We follow proper techniques and expert guidelines to treat our patients. We provide physiotherapy treatments for arthritis, back and neck pain, migraines and headaches, joint stiffness and pains, musculoskeletal pain, rheumatology and more. Our treatment is provided through massage therapy, acupuncture, neurological and post-operative physiotherapy, hand therapy, respiratory physiotherapy and the like. We also provide the same services for all inpatient services in need of them.