Physiotherapy Limerick

Physiotherapy services by Kilcara House Nursing Home in Limerick encompass the treatment of all sorts of pains developed through muscular sprains or other issues, bone related troubles or nerve problems. It also treats disorders or pains arising in the post-operative stage of men and women as well as for those suffering from cardiopulmonary conditions and children with cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy is now considered a full-fledged method of curing illnesses and easing pain as compared to what it used to be thought of earlier. We at Kilcara House Nursing Home in Limerick make use of the latest in the science of physiotherapy so that we can provide only the best treatment to our patients.

Physiotherapy at our Limerick centre provides relief to all sorts of pains experienced by children, adults and ageing people. There are differing treatments for each age and case. We examine a patient carefully before assigning a treatment to him or her because we understand that not everyone requires the same kind of treatment and care. Orthopaedic disorders which can be treated through our physiotherapy treatment include joint disorders, sports injuries, fractures, back and neck pain, post-operative conditions and arthritis. Therapeutic exercise is combined with other techniques to help one heal. Strokes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury and similar other conditions are treated by us through physiotherapy. In fact, even conditions such as shortness of breath, restricted movement owing to pains and bone problems can be cured through our physiotherapy treatment.

At Kilcara House Nursing Home, we always keep our eyes on your overall well-being and thus employ such techniques which will also help speed up the process of your recovery from any and all of the illnesses. We treat our patients through acupuncture, massage therapy and overall knowledge and education imparting to help the patient become aware of his conditions and the ways in which he or she can improve. We help our patients to get out of their beds, increase movement first with and then without help, complete their exercises on their own, move their body parts freely, so on and so forth. We have experts to give neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal physiotherapy apart from those for migraines, joint pains, rheumatology and in-patients.