Dementia Care Limerick

A report earlier this year revealed that 4000 people in Ireland develop the condition of dementia every year. As surprising as it may be, the disease is indeed on the rise all over the world. This only means one thing – that more and more people need to be in charge of those who are suffering from the condition and that medical systems get improved to develop special sections in nursing homes to take care of such patients. Kilcara House Nursing Home has made a move in this regard with its dementia care section in Limerick. We employ trained professionals to take care of all our dementia patients, so that family members and loved ones do not need to worry about the well-being of those they bring to us.

We understand how delicate the situation becomes when a family member or a friend develops the condition of dementia and thus, we provide individual and very sincere care towards each of our patients. We make use of the most scientific and the latest methods to help them recover and bring them back to normalcy. Our staffs are highly trained and our care facilities are also specialised so that you find value for every penny you spend after the treatment of the one you bring to us. The biggest advantage that you will find with the dementia care services by Kilcara House Nursing Home at Limerick is the 24 hour medical service especially available for the dementia patients.

Our aim remains at all times to create an environment which provides complete support and care to all those who suffer from dementia. This is done to help them recover faster and to make them feel protected and at home. We have developed a dedicated team of professional doctors, nurses, caregivers, therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists to help the patients overcome their condition and become normal again. This team acts a protection and shows light to each and every one who comes to us with the hopes of getting someone cured of dementia. We try to guide everyone to a better, healthier life through our social and interactive programs, special activities, therapeutic diets and the like. Other services such as hair dressing and physiotherapy are provided on request.