Respire Care Waterford

A break is essential for all individuals at work or at home. It not only brings vitality and much needed change to the person’s life but also makes him or her fresh and provides more encouragement to return to their usual responsibilities.

Common Behavior Problems

  • While taking care of elderly members of the family and ailing patients are essential and a duty of the grown-ups in the family, performing this duty for a prolonged period is likely to affect the health and mental condition of the latter too.
  • There are signs of stress and boredom which lead to irritation and eventually rude behavior to the ones suffering and the possibility of not caring enough for them.
  • Other practical problems include missing deadlines at work, not being able to spend enough time with other members of the family and friends as well as the inability to perform other household chores and personal work on time.
Keeping all of this in mind, Kilcara House Nursing Home has come up with a special section for rendering respite care services in Waterford.



Why Choose Our Respite Care Services

  • Respite care services by us allow you to take some time off from your daily duties and take some rest. You will also thus get the time to take care of your own health, follow beauty regimes if any, shop for the house, meet up with friends and family, indulge in your hobby if any, or perform other important duties. It is also important to contact our respite care services now and then to get the patient or the old one accustomed to spending time with them. This way, they won’t feel uncomfortable during an emergency situation when you are absolutely unable to attend them.
  • As a part of our respite care schemes, we at Kilcara House Nursing Home at Waterford, provide 24 hour caregiving, specially trained staff and qualified practitioners, interactive programs for entertainment and participation and healthy diet.
  • In all the departments of our nursing home, we attempt at creating a comfortable environment so we provide totally furnished and well-maintained rooms for our patients.
  • Services like hair dressing and physiotherapy are also offered for those who ask for it. We provide part time caregivers as well as full time replacements for a short time.