The very essence of humanity lies in helping fellow human beings. Keeping this in mind, Kilcara Nursing Home employs the help of those who truly believe in nursing others people back to health and provides the adequate care to those who truly need it.

We are happy that our services have also extended to the charming town of Galaway in Ireland. Statistics prove that the residents of this city are in dire need of the care and affection that we provide. People plagued by various ailments often search for suitable healthcare services like dementia care,post operative care , physiotherapy, respite care, etc. The Average Monthly Search by Google reveals that 438 out of 20,062 searchers for dementia care in Ireland are from the city of Galway. In order to address and fulfill this demand for professional care in Galaway, we offer quality caregiver service in various categories.

However, the very term ‘nursing homes’ sounds very somber and solemn in the minds of most people. Hence, it is our constant effort to provide a very comfortable ambience to our patrons and patients. After all, true healing can happen only in a relaxing environment. Our caregivers and nurses are also trained accordingly and they are on duty round the clock to ensure that no need of the person under supervision is left unattended.

Personal Touch is what we believe in

Our home caregiving service is supported by highly qualified nursing assistants. We employ only those who find true satisfaction in serving others and tending after the sick and ailing. These care assistants are available 24*7 to look after every need of the patients. They have a pleasant disposition and their warmth reaches out to the person in need. After all, patients will recover much faster if they feel that they are in reliable and trustworthy supervision.

Facilities Associated with Care giving in Galaway:

  • An efficient Nurse Call System is available 24*7
  • The rooms have telephone, color television and en-suite facilities provisions
  • Separate lounge areas cater to the different moods of the patients
  • Holy Communion on Sundays and Midweek Mass are ensured. Various other activities like outings are also tailored to meet recreational needs
  • Friends and relatives are welcome to visit at any time of the day as opposed to strict and stringent visiting hours.
  • Residents can either refer to their own General Practitioner or opt for registering with one of the Doctors who visits the Home on a regular basis.
  • Food in our kitchen is prepared with utmost care. Traditional, cultural and medical diets are served, depending on the preference and requirement of the resident

Services We Offer:

Our personalized caregiving services include:

  • Dementia care, Convalescent care, Respite care
  • Day Care, Chiropodist, Home Assistance
  • Physiotherapist, Dentist, Optician
  • Beauty Therapist, In House Laundry, Hairdresser
We understand that you want the very best of services for your loved one and our purpose built luxurious accommodation is meant just for that.