Dementia Care Galway

Dementia is a fast spreading condition all over the world. It not only affects the one who gets it but gets all members of the family and other loved ones worried and stressed, leading to even more problems. Professional help is what is absolutely essential for those suffering from the demented condition. Keeping this in mind, Kilcara House Nursing Home has developed a special section dedicated to those suffering from dementia, called Dementia Care. We employ only experienced and knowledgeable personnel and caregivers in this section so that once you bring a close one for care, you can rely on us completely – forget worries and feel safe.

In Ireland, already more than 40,000 people suffer from dementia and going by the current statistics, this figure is likely to rise by another 60% in the coming 20 years. Not only is this worrisome, but this intensifies the need for bringing in those suffering from dementia to us. This means that more and more people need to be aware of Kilcara House Nursing Home’s dementia care section. Come visit us and spread the word to help all those living in confusion.

As specialists, we are aware of the fact that patients of dementia need a specific kind of care and attention. Thus, we have a uniquely trained staff and care facilities, exclusive to us. We have special schemes and plans for dementia patients and after consultation with our doctors you are free to choose what all you want to be included in the package. The doctor might also suggest some essentials with respect to the particular situation of the patient. We provide a supportive environment at all times for the development and recovery of the patient. Our dedicated team of nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and dieticians are always ready to assist the patients.

Since the demented condition can create an overall degenerating effect on the human life, we try, through our care regimes to motivate the individual towards a better living instead of simply aiming at curing the condition. Some of the most prominent features of our care features include a 24-hours care for people with dementia, a specialized team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians led by doctors and nurses, social programs every day, other special activities for engaging the patients, therapeutic diets or supplements and more. Among other services are hair dressing and physiotherapy.