Post Operative Care Galway

After one goes through a surgery, there is a lot going on in the mind and the body reacts in strange ways too. Though there might be restriction of movement owing to the surgery, one might feel like continuing his or her daily activities and the inability to do so often leads of frustration and disappointment. There is also the chance of developing an infection or some other symptoms at the site of the surgery or as side effects of medicine. For all these purposes and more, you need professional help and guidance in the post-operative period of your loved one. Contact Kilcara House Nursing Home at its post-operative care section for exclusive schemes and personnel to help you out.

The professionals and caregivers at work in Kilcara House Nursing Home’s post-operative care section have a minimum experience of 5 years of working in this particular field. To ensure complete safe and sound service we conduct random and thorough research on the background of these people by taking a look at their criminal backgrounds, conducting drug testing, and health screening and also taking references. We also check their insurances and make sure they are bonded. We are a professional nursing home and thus pay all our taxes and dues in this regard on a regular basis.

We step in in the most sensitive stage of a man’s life – when he needs to depend on others for his recovery. This is why we make sure that only the most reliable and experienced people are around you to take care of you during such a vulnerable stage. We always try to create a comfortable and hospitable surrounding to help you relax and feel at home. This helps in faster recovery. Our surgical attendants have medical-surgical backgrounds and are assigned personally to patients post an operation.

We know that surgeries these days are very expensive and so do not call for another heap of money. Our fees and rates for post-operative care are the basic nominal. As experienced professionals, we are also aware of the fact that no post-operative satiation is exactly same as the other. Thus we conduct background research and if needed, tests, to provide the most suitable care regime to all our patients. Our caregivers are always on the lookout for any signs of development of a symptom or infection, so that nothing goes out of hand. Unless specifically demanded, we do not change the shifts of the caregivers either. These people will take care of your hygiene, ambulation, visit to the doctor and such other requirements, apart from performing household tasks like light shopping and housekeeping, running errands. They also help with exercises.