Post Operative care

Post operation, we will take care of you

After a surgery one goes through a sensitive stage. It’s the time when one needs someone who lends them a caring hand. And this is where we step in.
We believe in taking utmost care of our clients so that healing occurs fast. Thus observe all measures to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We assign personal care attendants with medical-surgical expertise for the post-operative period.
Surgeries are expensive. We do not want you to feel burdened any further, and therefore charge you nominally.

Why us?

As each individual is different, their needs also vary. Since we value this, we first analyze your requirements, and assign caregivers only after understanding your needs.
The basic role of caregivers with post-operative clients is to watch closely for any complications or changes in condition, and seek treatment immediately so that crises can be avoided.
For serving you better:

  • We conduct a thorough check of our caregiving employees. They are put through extensive criminal background, reference and health screening
  • We subject our caregivers to random drug testing
  • We ensure our caregivers are bonded and insured
  • We handle all of the paperwork and pay all related taxes
  • We do not change shifts unless requested by the client

Services We Offer

Depending on which plan suits your purpose, our caregivers provide assistance with:

  • Hygiene, ambulation, transfers, etc.
  • Change ice bags
  • Shop and cook for, and feed you
  • Run errands and do light housekeeping
  • Transport you to and from medical, therapy, or other appointments.
  • Provide medication reminders, help with range-of-motion exercises, etc.