Respite Care Galway

Looking after a patient or an aged family member is usually a full time commitment. It involves taking care of everything from diet, to hygiene and sanitation needs, medicines, keeping regular checks on the signs of improvement, providing entertainment to avoid depression and generally giving time and company. This often becomes too much in this age of hurrying about and constant work pressure. Thus, those who take care of the elderly often become tired themselves or sometimes, without their knowledge, end up ignoring or not providing the care and attention that is required. Kilcara House Nursing Home is now here to end your worries about taking care of the sick and the old through our respite care services.

A recent survey has shown that in Galway, only 47.9% of those in the age group of 65 – 69 are reported to have good health and almost all above the age of 85 are suffering from poor health issues. This statistics stands proof of how difficult the situation is in most parts of the Galway. Kilcara House Nursing Home is well aware of this and this is why we have devised the programme of respite care so that you can take a leave, take rest and enjoy your life a bit. Taking a break once in a while is essential for any work you do and especially something which is so time consuming and energy demanding. This will keep your spirits up and improve the condition of your mental and physical health as well.

We have supports systems for caregivers as well as full-time replacements for caregivers for a short period of time. Our respite care services include 24 hour care services for all kinds of patients. We have general practitioners and specially trained staff for taking care of your elderly family members and those who are unwell. We have completely furnished well-maintained and ventilated rooms so that the patients do not feel gloomy. Our interactive and social programmes are designed in a way so that all inmates can enjoy them and not feel bored. We provide healthy meals and refreshments as a part of the package. Other facilities in our respite care section include hairdressing and physiotherapy.