Dementia Care Cork

Physical illness can be cured through a regular dosage of medicine, exercise, routine life and dietary restrictions. Illnesses related to the brain and mind is much more delicate and difficult to treat. Expert handling, medication and care are essential to ensure the well-being of a patient surviving from a mental illness or condition. Dementia is one such condition which is identified by a chronic or persistent malfunctioning of the mental processes. This is caused either by diseases of the brain or some injury and its characteristics are memory disorders, changes in personality and problems with reasoning. Kilcara House Nursing Home has a special and dedicated dementia care section to take care of patients suffering from such conditions.

A recent report suggested that about 42,000 men and women in Ireland suffer from dementia of some kind in the present day. The number is supposed to rise by 60% in the next 20 years. Not only is this alarming, but it is also a ringing bell for those who provide care for dementia patients. This is why Kilcara House Nursing Home has developed a separate section for the treatment of those who suffer from this mental condition. We hire only expert caregivers for treating our dementia patients. These people are hired from educated and trained backgrounds. We also take into consideration the overall personality and behavioural pattern of our caregivers since that is very important for all those who look after patients with mental illnesses.

We know and understand that patients suffering from dementia are in need of special care and attention with supervision and this is why we have developed our unique care facilities and trained staff. We have a constant support system and expert care to handle all our patients. We have 24/7 medical services for all patients suffering from dementia. Our dedicated team of physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses are always there to help the patients. At Kilcara House Nursing Home, we know that dementia can you’re your approach and outlook towards life and our attempt remains at all times to orient you towards the positive. As a part of our dementia care programmes, we have social and interactive features conducted daily, apart from special activities now and then to keep the patients engaged. We also have special diet regimes and supplements to work towards the betterment of the patient’s health. Physiotherapy and hair dressing are also offered on request.