Post Operative Care Waterford

The mental and physical stage of a person following an operation is sensitive. This calls for specialised, expert care and attention. Keeping this in mind, Kilcara House Nursing Home has devised a special section at Waterford for looking after patients in their post-operative period. We step in the time when a person needs post-operative care, which is only possible to be provided in the authentic way by our expert physicians and nurses. We believe in taking utmost care of our clients so that healing occurs fast. Our aim remains at all times to create an environment where the patient feels comfortable to speed up the process of recovery.

Why Choose Our Private Home Nursing Care

  • Our personal care attendants are all experienced and trained in-house to follow our guidelines and our unique method of healing patients.
  • Our care givers have expertise in the fields of medicine and surgery so as to be able to identify any symptoms or help in the healing of any complications which may arise post a surgery. Some of the complications which may arise post a surgery are infection, problems at the site of the surgery or blood clots owing to inactivity, prolongation of which can also lead to the lowering of muscle strength.
  • Since each individual is different, so is their post-operative condition. While one might need certain precautions, medicines and treatment, others might do well without it. It all depends on the physical condition of the patient and the kind of surgery the he or she went through. This is why we first examine the patient’s medical history and research on the operation he or she went through before assigning a regime of care giving. This ensures better productivity on our part and lesser expenses on yours, as well as proper care so far as the patient is concerned.

  • At Kilcara House Nursing Home, we are aware of the expenses involved in a surgery these days and hence do not ask for charges which become burdens. We only charge nominal fees for our post-operative care schemes.
  • The caregivers at our nursing home take care of patients and follow their development and look for signs of formation of any of the complications stated above. They also seek treatment in case anything is seen developing.
  • We conduct thorough research on the backgrounds, history and experience of our caregivers before employing them. All of our caregivers come with an experience of at least 5 years.
We also take care of all the paperwork and pay our taxes on time to ensure hassle free service to all. As a part of our post-operative care schemes, we offer help with medical appointments, hygiene, change ice bags, cook for you and do light shopping and housekeeping and also provide help with exercises, etc.