Respite Care in Limerick

It is very natural that continued service to the elderly and/or the sick at your home might take a toll on your health. It is also mentally strenuous to do this at a stretch. This is why Kilcara House Nursing Home, Limerick has come to your help with its respite care services. We understand that you need a break once in a while to do your own important tasks or just to relax from the daily pressure that you go through. We provide part time services for a considerable time and full time caregiver replacement for short periods of time. We do not charge an exorbitant fee for our services since we are sympathetic towards your expenses for keeping a patient under treatment or medication throughout the year.

The Commonwealth Fund reported recently stating that 60% caregivers all over the world suffer from either symptoms of ill-health or stress or other mental problems. If you too have an ageing member at home or someone who has been suffering from some chronic illness for quite a while now, then take a break and rely on us. You can go through our history and feedback reports to find out about the quality of service we provide.

We are proud of the caring environment that we create surrounding a patient who comes for respite care. We take care so that the patient never feels alone or burdened that the family has left him or her with us. In fact, we arrange for social and entertainment programmes on a regular basis to make them feel better and keep them engaged. Our caregivers are all experienced and trained so as to be able to provide scientific and caring attention to all those in our respite care section. The patients are never left alone, but on the contrary given company and encouraged to engage themselves in things they like, say reading books or listening to music.

Our caregivers are available for 24 hour services and we keep our patients in completely furnished, well-maintained rooms. We have qualified general practitioners who suggest the best diet for the patients and we always serve healthy and fresh food. If asked for or suggested, we also provide physiotherapy or hair dressing services.